What Clients are Saying

"Your expertise was critical to our bottom line outcome: we have a clear blueprint for the next few years and are implementing action planning that has overall alignment."

Rob Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

"Time and again when I use techniques I've learned from Jackie, I've seen the 'aha' lightbulb go on for my internal clients."

Morinee Terry
Human Resources Director
Mohawk Industries, Inc.

"Jackie is particularly skilled in large-system change intervention. She gives her clients room to wrestle with the issues, and she supports them in drawing their own conclusions. That requires a fine balance between confrontation and empathy."

Neil Sklarew
Senior Consultant
Georgia Center for Nonprofits

"There's something different about the way you're able to relate. It feels more genuine than simply that you're doing a job; while always being exceedingly professional."

Donna Willis
Former Board Chair
Actor's Express - Atlanta, GA

"Your excellent meeting design and facilitation made a successful event! Your dedication and support to the team were essential for this success. You kept us on track without constraining the group's creativity. I was positively surprised that such a large group could raise all the critical issues and achieve consensus around a very good list of action items."

Patrick Prevost
Strategy & Development
BP Chemicals

"Jackie's strengths include deep-seated understanding of people's needs and reactions in work relationships; an ability to see patterns in people's comments and to offer suggestions that move the thought process forward, and clear articulation that leaves me thinking, 'that's what I meant.'"

Ann Hendricks,
PhD Director
VA Boston Health Care Financing & Economics

"Her caring, competent and comprehensive stance has moved me to a higher level of excellence than I knew possible."

Ginny Storjohann
Independent Consultant and Coach
Denver, CO

"We became an action-oriented, not a name-only, Board."

Donna Willis
Former Board Chair
Actor's Express - Atlanta, GA

"We made dramatic progress in 300 days. I don't usually praise consultants in public, but we couldn't have done this without Jackie Sherman."

Brad Mortimer
Retired President
Propex Fabrics Company

"Through my work with Jackie I have a clearer sense of how to do my consulting work; I work in a more impactful way and have more options to choose from."

Sharon Behar
Organization Development Consultant
Burlington, VT

"It was amazing to work with a consultant and come away with something so helpful. Jackie's work resulted in an organizational template that we never had: a valuable working document, a living, breathing document."

Donna Willis
Former Board Chair
Actor's Express - Atlanta, GA

"The strategic planning process was the most comprehensive and thorough the Food Bank had conducted in its 23 year history."

Rob Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
Atlanta Community Food Bank

"At times, clients resist being led, pushed or even facilitated. Jackie's strength as a consultant is that she has the ability to nudge, influence and lead from within the process. When clients say 'no' to a direction, she respects their wishes, yet she allows them to change their minds later, with honor."

Betsy Pickren,
MS.Ed., CPCC President
Facilitated Learning, Inc.

"Jackie helped me 'see' the right questions to ask."

Ralph Clements
VP of Manufacturing and Technology
Imperial Sugar Formerly BP Fabrics and Fibers

"Jackie Sherman provided outstanding consulting during a time of significant transition for our business. My engineering group spanned six different locations and included people with a wide variety of technical backgrounds and educational levels. A key aspect of her contribution was her use of the Appreciative Inquiry approach which resulted in increased innovation and creativity, helping us improve customer satisfaction. Jackie's consulting helped me maintain momentum throughout each year as we adjusted and executed our strategic plan."

Marian A. McClellan
Manager, Pipelines and Logistics
BU Formerly Fabrics and Fibers BU BP Corporation

"A real benefit to our nonprofit is that Jackie has worked with for-profits and could bring us more basic business principles."

Donna Willis
Former Board Chair
Actor's Express - Atlanta, GA

"Jackie's expertise in effective organization design, change and leadership is unique because of her truly global, diverse experience base and her deep theoretical knowledge paired with ongoing practical application."

K'Lynne Johnson
Elevance Renewable Sciences Formerly SVP, Innovene, Global Derivatives

"She brings to the table an extensive experience base coupled with a level of insight not found in many consultants. I recommend her highly."

Bruce Carmichael
Human Resources Manager (retired)
BP Corporation

"I'm thrilled to confirm that our Strategic Plan Summary played an important role in leveraging two $2 million grants."

Rob Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
Atlanta Community Food Bank

"Our organization is a different place now. The three years that we worked together were very rewarding for me and rich with learning. I believe the library has a better result from our re-organization because of your involvement with us."

Frances Maloy
Division Leader and Redesign Project Manager
Emory University General Libraries - Atlanta, GA

"It's the combination of brains and ability, with the compassion and passion … Jackie sincerely cares."

Donna Willis
Former Board Chair
Actor's Express - Atlanta, GA

"I have only highest praise for Jackie's consulting abilities. She met and exceeded our expectations. We would jump at the chance to re-engage Jackie in the future on any organizational change or organizational development project."

Dianne Smith
Director of Human Resources
Emory University - Atlanta

"Working with Jackie was truly a developmental experience and a real pleasure. She brings a holistic approach to coaching, helping the client discover the connections between different aspects of work and life, and interdependencies between their mental, physical and emotional states.  Her unique approach made a lasting difference for me." 

VP Global Diversity
Fortune 50 Company


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Our clients are leaders who are creating a new strategy, building a new organization or struggling with persistent organizational problems.

Our clients are visionaries who are oriented to adding more value for customers and stakeholders, contributing more to their employees and communities, and accomplishing greater results than they are currently achieving.

Our clients excel in their fields, yet are challenged with sharing their vision, maximizing the talents and input of their staff or mobilizing their organizations.

As organizational change consultants, The Jackie Sherman Group is passionate about working with smart, farsighted leaders and their organizations, promising to achieve new objectives as quickly and smoothly as possible.  


  • To help you realize your organizational vision … more quickly.
  • To develop your capacity to create and sustain the strategic results that are important to you.
  • To leverage and increase your and your stakeholders' commitment.

Every client's situation is unique. 
Let's talk about your challenges and how we can help you achieve the results that are most important to you. 

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